Exploited by the Building Site Bell Ends

For all the bell ends on building sites
and the charmers 
who freely shout abuse from their van
at women going about their day
I often wonder how you would feel 
if someone did that to your Mam.
How would you react if you witnessed 
your own flesh and blood being routinely exploited,
objectified or sexually assaulted?
Would you still cheer and egg the culprits on 
as they leered and jeered 
reducing her to nothing more than a sexual object
deserving of that sweeping judgement
of approval or condemnation.
Tits too small or arse too big
Declaring that her cunt's a perfect fit.
Would it still be just banter
Or something else?
Instead of being part of that
just stop for a second
and think about it.


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Wed 18th Jan 2017 03:45

Well said...Jeff...

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