What right have we? (those who do not know)

How dare you bare your heart,

your humanity?

what right have you to speak of love?

you who maim and kill and blind.


You who take mothers from children,

and children from fathers.


What right have you?

be-medalled as you are,

your trigger finger

and tattooed scar.


You lay there draped in patterned flags,

neatly dressed, arms folded, crossed,

limbs scrubbed bone white clean,

whilst those you killed lay strewn, obscene.


What right has she to kiss your face,

to clutch one final cold embrace?


Here comes the ground to swallow you,

the horned and winged await your soul.

The volleyed shots to honour you.

Yet not one word can them console.


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 14th Jan 2017 07:06

Thanks for reading and your comments elP. I have posted this elsewhere and unfortunately some have imagined I am targeting those who serve rather than highlighting those fools with no knowledge who question and finger jab, even some who subtly sneer (the worst kind), and the self righteous as you have described them. There is no doubting there are the blood hungry and violent among the "be-medalled" no truthful person would deny that. But there seems to be too many who through ignorance and lack of common sense fail to recognise the complexities of service, and the horrible moral compromises it can force upon individuals.

It is too easy for those who lounge at home flicking through the news channels, being disgusted and sitting in judgement of those they despise yet would be happy to shelter behind, if their world turned blood red.


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Fri 13th Jan 2017 23:15

Truly, too much ignorance and short-sighted opinions thrown about. I don't want to press because I know this is an issue very close to your heart. I just want to say that I will never understand how anyone can hold their own self-righteousness at such high value that they could never sacrifice it, or even imagine the necessity of its sacrifice. The world is much too complicated for he who sits stateside, enjoying every comfort his money can buy, to bandy judgment against his countryman who is willing to forsake comforts for something he believes in. I hope that makes sense, David.


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 13th Jan 2017 20:44

Thank you Ray,

moral whiteout is a description which perfectly captures what I was attempting to convey.


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Fri 13th Jan 2017 19:36

Nice to see a post from you David - I feel with this poem the absence of any posthumous glory and the equality of those surviving and the killed likewise. A sort of moral whiteout - in fact where are morals when such sacrifices must be made for whatever compulsion or calling?


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