Skeleton heart / the nowhere poems


makes it

easy to see 

through you

and your 





you gave 


of the



so it

is only

fitting that

you should

have nothing 

left in return,


you sat

in your

heart break



dead eye

looks at

any lover

who dared

your way,


and then


under your

hot burnt

breath that


was ever

going to

make you

bleed again.


and so you

will always 

be looking

always be



but only 

hell will

give you

any salvation.


and once

you were 

a child and

your heart 

was a garden

and blue

was the 

color of

my true 

loves eyes.

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patrick D Ortiz

Fri 13th Jan 2017 14:28

thank you for stopping by for the read appreciate your comments but alas I am just too old to change..

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 12th Jan 2017 17:23

I'm assuming the structure is 'skeleton-like'.

I really like the words, fine ideas and their selective diction, but not so keen on the line breaks.The format probably suits everyone else just fine. The final lines are a good ending.

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