The March to Waterloo

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At The Bush Hotel in Farnham Town

between the topiary and Eiderdown,

many a girl hitched her silken gown

trading modesty for half a crown.


In The Queens Head pub

not far from there,

many a lad without a care,

drunkenly compelled did the story share,

with reckless abandon and vulgar flair.


Though one whose tongue

does wag no more,

is laid beneath my flagstone floor,

some say he went to join the war

but there he’ll sleep for evermore.



Soldiers marching to and returning from England’s various wars were frequently billeted in Hotels and Inn’s in the South of England. Farnham in Hampshire was one such town, with some of its establishments becoming notorious for less than gentlemanly behaviour. This tale is inspired by a previous life, and events which may have occurred.




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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 29th Dec 2016 08:29

Thanks for reading and your comments MC, much appreciated.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Dec 2016 00:14

I found a hint of something that might not be out of place in a contemporary version of "A Shropshire Lad".

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 28th Dec 2016 23:03

Thanks Ray,

there are still plenty of those hops awash at the weekends in Farnham, relatively civilised drunks these days though and some fine establishments. The Plough has some brilliant bands on, usually fridays and saturdays.

Re the vacuous spirituality, I just don't see how recycling allegedly inspirational quotes from google qualifies anyone as a bloody on-line fucking guru. Or for that matter, how some people feel so righteously enlightened as to offer spiritual guidance via the transcendent medium of the internet.

Each to their own I guess, but FFS!


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Wed 28th Dec 2016 16:17

I love this David, as you say it is sort of tongue in cheek, and it suits you. I love your line about vacuous spirituality too. Farnham has a lot to answer for, and was awash in hops and the consequences thereof!

I think there is still the lingering atmosphere of no nonsense about the town, thank God.

Ray x

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 28th Dec 2016 15:25

Thanks elP,

thought I might try something dark with hint of menace and humour, fairly frivolous really I suppose.

There seems to have been an influx of vacuous spirituality on here over the festive period.


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Tue 27th Dec 2016 22:11

HA! That's effin' fantastic, David..some guys can't keep their mouths shut to save their lives...


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