It Hurts Me

I wanna give it a try
To lose another mind
I wanna hold back
Wanna be your girl again
But it hurts me
Yes it hurts me to death…

Too many times I tried
Too many trials I failed
But I never give in
And it hurts me
Yes it hurts me like I’m losing my mind…

You still in my heart
And you still in my mind
Even if I say forget you
Yes forget you
That’s hurts me so
Oh, it’s hurt me like a crazy babe…

When I need you
You never come
When I ask you
You never reply
Wanna forget you because of this
Wanna turn my back and leave
Though it hurts me
I know it will hurt me
But I will try…

The more I love you
Is the more it hurts me
Cause I know
You can’t be mine
Yes I know you can’t be mind
Cause you belong to someone else
That fact hurts me
Yes it breaks my heart…

Saying goodbye
I know it’s a fight
To forget you
That’s alright
Fools I don’t wanna be again
Yes, I don’t wanna be like again
But it hurts me
Yes I know it will hurt me
And you know you feel the same…

◄ Warmth Turbulence



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Raj Ferds

Tue 27th Dec 2016 16:01

Dear oh dear MGS. Quite an emotional catharsis. The struggle seems to continue. Torn between moments of yes/no/maybe/perhaps, black/white, should I stay or should I go?

I can see that mind saying "I need you, I want you you". But hurt lurks round the corner. Ever said "I believe in you?"
Better out than in. May the final answer invade your heart.xx

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Tue 27th Dec 2016 12:30

Ouch...I can feel that for sure...Jeff...

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