Chris! its not #Drarvern home for Christmas#-its d-r-i-v-i-n-g-if you must!

before I start to slag your sick song off Chris-hows your brother Dai?


# I'm drarvern home for Christmas #

(there you go again,with that fucking drarvern!)

# I can't wait to see their faces #

(yeah,but can they wait to see yours?)

# I'm drarvern home for Christmas,yeah #

(no chance you can leave it till next year Mr Rhea?)

# well I'm moving down the line #

(oh aiy! line of something snowy white mebbe!)

# and its been so long #

(not long enough for me though!)

# but I will be there #

( aw shame! I'm just off abroad-for six months!)

# I sing this song#

(sing!? ha! fucking mumble more like!)

# to pass the time away #

(no chance of you going with it then?)

# drarvern in my car #

(yeah,yeah,we get the picture!)

# drarvern home for Christmas #

(startin to piss me off!)

# its going to take some time #

(hey dude,no rush! have a few monthly stop off's!)

# but I'll get there #

( yeah,like I really can't wait!)

# top to toe in tailbacks #

(what the fuck are you on?)

# oh,I got red lights on the run #

( don't you mean red and flashing blue ones that should have you on the run)

# but soon there'll be a three-way #

(whhattt!? while you're drarvern-I mean driving? -dirty old git!)

# get my feet on holy ground #

(if only that could be open man-holey ground!)

# so I sing for you#

( nah! I'm good thanks)

# though you can't hear me #

( its this cotton wool Chris )

# and feel you near me #

( in your fucking dreams pal!)

# I'm drarvern home for Christmas #

(oh! do get the fuck home!)

#  drarvern home for Christmas #

( there is an end to this-right?)

# with a thousand memories #

( yeah! and every one as fucking boring as this song-song? )

# take a look at the driver next to me #

( Chris,is he drarvern a yellow van?)

# he's just the same #

( OMG! there's not two of you are there?)

# just the same #

ugh! well! that lets me out! 


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Rose Casserley

Sat 31st Dec 2016 11:42

Trev,whhattt!? never mind Metallica! you must be joshing matey! I looked up the Tull song and yes,very appropriate re Christmas.

P&S-good for you two-too!
Jems,unfortunately,I have to agree with you-ugh!

Happy new year/s and cheers all.

Rose ????

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Jemima Jones

Wed 28th Dec 2016 17:39

Despite not being a fan of too many profanities Rose,I just could not stop laughing at this.No doubt we shall be hearing this song for many many years to come.Thank you.Jemima.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 27th Dec 2016 18:47

one that will never be right up our street Rose.


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Trevor Alexander

Tue 27th Dec 2016 04:21

Never mind Metallica Rose - although I do like it - what about Jethro Tull's Christmas Song? :-)

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Rose Casserley

Mon 26th Dec 2016 18:55

hahaha-Trev! brill first line! acerbic? not acerbic enough considering how acerbic this crap is on our shopping aisle captured ears in various branches of poundland! Glad you settled for 'not unwarranted' though.

On the ball there Jeff! (re the Dai) Thank the God of ice cream that it wasn't shit,like their sons 'songs' Had it been,I very much doubt it would have entered your ice cream hole.Belatedly returned greetings and 'greedings' matey.

Awww Col! if I counted on anyone not to have liked this sheer bilge,it would have been you! But now,I find that you have gone all cheesy on me....not that I mind being 'cheesed' long as it's HOT!.....PHWOAR!!
And Cheesus! you are even adding more cheese to your flat capped music tastes....Dolly Parton! Tammy Wynette! Billy Conolly! who next? Max ByGRAVES?
What the gorgonzola is wrong with Metallica? or Marilyn Manson,or AC/DC then?

Nat-thats my girl! I knew you would come up Donalds (Trumps)

cheers loads C&N for ?

Rose ????

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Sat 24th Dec 2016 18:25

Was I the only one to get the Dai joke? He came from the same place as myself & I used to eat icecream at his parents shop......I also think this song is bollocks. Merry Xmas......Jeff....

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Trevor Alexander

Sat 24th Dec 2016 18:17

Somebody send him a satnav and get him off the road!

A bit acerbic for Christmas eve, Rose? Probably not unwarranted though.

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