Warmth Turbulence

I have been experiencing some turbulence in my relationships with people who,

I think, have not been too sensitive to me.

 But I’m not going to wear my heart on my sleeve here.

Just a piece of my mind about how the experience has brought me into some level of understanding.
Like most of the people I met and meeting,

I used to respond to situations, mostly with my feelings.

 I assembled my emotional life around the behavior of other people towards me, which empowers them to be more in control of my life.

When someone stepped on my toe,

I would instantly mutter vindictively, cuss that careless passerby and throw a venomous tiger look.

When someone lied to me,

I told him to go to hell, so he could bring the devil a walking poop.

When someone said I looked horrible,

I told her she looked like a hag.

When someone commented I am too thin,

I told her, you are the richest woman walking on earth with the fats and oil she carries in her body.

When someone breaks my heart,

I also smashed his/hers.

But when someone gave me a piece of bread, I gave her something to drink.

When I was told I looked good,

I responded with similar flattery.

When someone made me laugh,

I exerted effort to make the person happier.





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Fri 23rd Dec 2016 03:01

Yeah! Thanks Raj... More writings from you, enjoy!

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Raj Ferds

Thu 22nd Dec 2016 15:37

Its good you got that off your chest MGS. I bet you find that pretty therapeutic.

Good you found an answer for emotional turbulence.Replacing the eye for an eye treatment with a more forgiving sympathetic reaction makes you big. very big. Well done!

Yeah just roll their negativity in your heart and give it back to them with compassion.

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