A list of this years things

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A sodden amygdala,

stagnant as dead liver.

Clogged by memories magma,

too stubborn to deliver.


Stuck inside, unfiltered.

A husbands punch,

a child's last breath.

The liquid lunch

to quench the death.


The heroin friends

who met common ends,

their purple faces

filled the lens.


The thunderous rain of dust

that came blinding in the night,

has settled now to rust

though faded not from sight.


A list of this years things

stored within our heads,

no comfort memory brings

while it festers there, unsaid.





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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 25th Dec 2016 06:58

Thanks elP,

wishing you and yours a peaceful and happy Christmas.


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Fri 23rd Dec 2016 01:29

It seems to be something of recent times that we should feel the right to talk openly of our traumas. Silence was the code, before. It seems it denoted strength, while suffering continued. It's a hard habit to break. I keep thinking of lyrics to songs--"how would you know? if you asked me I'd lie" and "so many things I could tell you, if my stubborn mouth doesn't let me down".

I read a quote today..action cures fear, inaction creates terror. Maybe it is the same with words. Maybe the events that shape, and sometimes warp, our perspectives lose their power over us as we learn to verbalize them. Although, I know that some things evade words. Our senses are frightfully awakened in urgent moments which can remain inexplicable year after year, leaving us thinking that we may carry those moments to our deaths unspoken while reliving them in merciless repetition. And, there always remains the fear of the incapacity of others to understand the words we choose to explain them.

Here's to hoping you've truly found a way to get past 2016.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 22nd Dec 2016 22:04

Thanks Ray,

In the past I have shrugged off years and the events therein. This year I have witnessed death in close proximity, and very nearly been engulfed by it myself. Those events are alluded to in this piece. I am not shrugging them off so readily this year, in the hope that I can process them now instead of later. I think I have mastered the trick, but who really knows.

On matters more festive, Christmas seems to me to be often used as a "sticking plaster" to cover up the grime of daily life. How realistic and just how damaging is it to utilise it in such a way, or is that its very purpose, to distract us?

Again, thanks for your reading and comments.


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Thu 22nd Dec 2016 16:03

This is not the usual festive fare we normally see, David. It carries its profound message with more weight and conviction than all the tinsel and balls .
You certainly know how to use the words you need ; I often think of your thoughts as like ammunition with the weight of truth and of irreversible consequences.

love to you and all you cherish at Xmas.

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