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There are times when a teacher has to say what’s on her mind,
Even though I know how much it’s gonna hurt
But before I say another word, let me tell the world
I do love teaching and I always will
But let me break in and say these words as gentle as I can

There’s been another thing that I’ve needed and I want
But that doesn’t mean I’m getting tired of teaching
Although I know I can’t possess it, and I know I never will
But there’s just this empty place inside of me that only this can fill

Thinking between two options, feeling like a fool
Doing both of these I don't think I break any rules
Choosing between two reasons I’m feeling like a dumb
Thinking both of these, sure I don't break a rule

They may say I failed, just because I don’t say a word
But teaching is my first love and I ever loved
And I have to say this, I needed to move forward
To find a better comfort zone.

Though no one knows what is out there on the horizon,
Neither I can predict what luck waiting for me
But I want the world to know
No one can replace a part of me being a teacher --

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