disgustingly discarded

congealed blood

tips the thrown syringe.


The junkie crouches

on an alley-way doorstep


his eyes rolling

from trash scattered cobbles

to the fading strip

of sky above.


With only an old coughing dog

and emptied beer cans and bottles

to befriend him


he surrenders his capability

to care anymore about hope

little knowing

that it took back its gift

long,long ago.


He is a maelstrom

of despair and lost time

a bundle of rag and grimed filth.


And in the enclosing gloom

patient death waits preemptively

to make his  consoling, releasing

albeit fearsome claim.



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Rose Casserley

Mon 19th Dec 2016 19:54

cheers J.J.+P&S..go with all you say Jems.

Rose ???

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 19th Dec 2016 11:21

well written poem Rose and very very hard hitting.


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Jemima Jones

Sun 18th Dec 2016 20:38

Rose,I definitely agree with the lines LCPTB has pointed out.So many people in to-days home society are suffering,when they shouldn't be.The usage of the term 'falling through the net' is becoming used more and more just lately.God help those poor people that do.And God bless those who try to stop them from doing so.Thank you Rose.Jemima.

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Rose Casserley

Sat 17th Dec 2016 15:02

to be quite frank LCPTB,I think that 'gimme gimme' and sod everyone else attitude is getting worse.

But thank heavens that opinion doesn't apply to everybody
there are some really nice people out there,the unsung hero's of both genders,who always put others before themselves,and not just at Crimbo.

Cheers m'dears,and Andy for liking- have a brill time both.

Rose ?....?

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