Haiku: Contents

Collective thoughts penned

Limited musings typecast

Poetry pamphlet

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Robert Mann

Sun 18th Dec 2016 12:46

Suki - I still believe 'its who you know, not what you know' that moves things along with any great impetus even if its only sand through this egg-timer we call life. Thanks for liking this piece and commenting.

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suki spangles

Sun 18th Dec 2016 03:12

Hi Rob, Your observation about blogs is true. I have a blog myself, nearly eight years' young, but I won't be competing with even the most bog-standard celebrity any time soon! The same now can also be said about the music industry. Musicians can upload their music to a platform, but how many people will listen - even if it happens to be the most wonderful music ever? We're throwing our grains of sand into the cyber desert. Thanks for sharing.

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Robert Mann

Fri 16th Dec 2016 21:09

LCPTB - collective because we are all constrained by the wants and needs of others, thereby confining new or constructive thought. Hence the use of the definitive 'penned' and 'limited' in the ensuing lines. If a writer wants to be taken seriously as innovative or different we need to get away from the accepted norms (such as contained in pamphlets or anthologies). Blogs might be the solution, but unless they go viral who will ever become well read?
Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rant over.

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