Suitable post-script to my fellow inmates

Concern yourself not for me,when I have left this life

nor weep and wail to excess,implored by tears and strife

forgotten by time,will be I and the ground I lay beneath

though with heavy heart, the hand of yours that lays the sympathising wreath.


Praise be to the winds provision,of soft breathed requiem or howling dirge

at one with peace,here I rest,from lifes limited,requisitioning urge.

Caring no longer of this end to my stay,

for I shall possess eternity's key,to be freed,from the prison of mortal way.


No more held,obliged,or,by futility tamed

home among those glittering stars am I to be,that our hopes and wishe's named 

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Rose Casserley

Mon 19th Dec 2016 20:09

'tinkering or tampering' worth a try,but like Colin suggests-keep the original.Slight probs with tinky/tamps is as long has having gone to the trouble of doing so,fresh dis/approvals are forthcoming.

Look forward to possible changes J.J.

Rose ?

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 19th Dec 2016 11:29

crikey Jemima! this is STUNNING! Absolutely beautiful in a sad way.We think you should leave it as it is.One could go on tampering with most poems if it come to that.

We think once it is written just leave it because there is the possibilty that it could lose its quality.


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Jemima Jones

Sun 18th Dec 2016 20:21

Thanks Colin.You have given me a great deal of food for thought.And,since you have gone to so much trouble,I most certainly will take on your ideas,and make the changes that you suggest.Then,at a later date I will post it again.Nicola,I love your new profile photo! wow! and of course,your comments and kindly advice are always welcome,and appreciated so much.Yes Rose,I agree,and thank you for helping me to decide.LCPTB,Thank you,and I also agree with you,regarding the great outdoors.Thanks again all.Jemima.

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Rose Casserley

Thu 15th Dec 2016 23:02

although it knocks me out Jems,I think Colins advice might be worth following.But with GREAT care! (seriously)


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Nicola Beckett

Thu 15th Dec 2016 20:49

Oh and don't ever allow yourself to be tamed or obliged. Be free x ?

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Nicola Beckett

Thu 15th Dec 2016 20:47

Simply beautiful and I adore this poem. I always say we are all stardust we come from the stars and go back to them. So next time you see a shooting star wish upon one and see what happens xx

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