Lily pads

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Floating unsupported

tethered by satellite,

in jungle, sea and desert

they pivot toward the fight.



strung on threaded lies,

like pearls raised up too soon, 

they dim before our eyes.


Crescent like they form,

their ripples permeate.

Unnoticed, now the norm,

the new tentacles of state.


These stepping pads

of creeping war,

the garrotte in empires grip,

are reaching out unlike before.

The dogs of war, let slip.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 13th Dec 2016 10:00

Thanks Mike,

so much to agree with in what you have said.

In respect of giving up on watching the endless cycle of bad news, I agree it makes you want to look away. I did try for a while, but the addiction has become too strong and I have to keep staring at the car crash. That said, like you I now feel a mere observer having given up on the expectation of change for the better. You have said many times and I agree, the world is doomed to operate as it does, due to the very nature of man, his desires feed our downfall..its inevitable.

I have a friend who attended "Combat Stress" with PTSD he was advised to stop watching news articles regarding conflict, and to avoid reading about it. I can see the logic in that as it aggravated his condition, but it did make me feel uneasy about the advise they gave. I viewed it as being almost defeatist, its the cause we need to deal with and steer away from. Anyway, he tells me his condition is less intrusive as a result of their advise, the logic being if you don't look its not happening, which is an attitude I generally despise.

I worry about my son and his future and what might happen in his world, this though I do push to the back of my mind as there is nothing I can do.

Thanks so much for your generous comments Mike.


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Tue 13th Dec 2016 01:06

Hi David,

I used to follow news articles avidly some years ago, and keep an eye on world events. Nothing new there in the realms of a service-mans mind. Then after all the problems I have faced I kind of let it go. I no longer read the broadsheets, I no longer watch newsnight or dip into hardtalk. And it is not that I don't care, it is that 1, I no longer trust anythings spouted out by all the various news agencies. And 2, when your mind is already affected by war, further negotiations with this despicable part of humanity ails one even more.

Nevertheless I too am very much concerned by the western forces moving eastwards in ever greater steps. I catch glimpses these days and I see nothing really changes. The world has always been in a state of flux and will always continue that way. But now there is a boldness to our western society which in all honesty is both creepy and frightening. It's almost as if the powers that be are in fact 'alien' these days, and are hell bent in projecting a hell on Earth.

Some days I tell myself it will soon all be over. And often I cannot wait and that's very sad because I have children that I want to see grow into a better world than which I came. Something that seems even more impossible to achieve as the years move steadily onwards.

I feel kind of old, and yet I feel inclined to try to imbue upon people 'not' to fall for all the sabre rattling that is provocative both at home and overseas. Have I bottled it? No I don't think I have, I just don't have the stomach anymore for Wars which will never go away and that too, is a sad part of human behaviors on this ball.

You have written a great poem here, one of your best IMO for its guarded revelations, written in such a way that alarms as well as intrigues. But all in all, it is a frightening piece.

Great work, but as a piece, leaves me frightened not for I, but for my children, and all our children. What kind of World eh?

Best wishes as always bud. We'll have to catch up soon I hope.


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Sun 11th Dec 2016 23:51

..just have to say that my favorite part was the interview with a couple of the female residents of the ballistic missile defense site, saying how it was such a paradise living there while having natives ferried on to "service" the site and then off again to a barely livable slum. As an American, I believe it's typical for those who enjoy such amenities to turn a blind eye to those who suffer at their cost. Who is the fucking savage? What those people lost is irreplaceable.

People here act as if immigration and "immigrants taking jobs" is something new..the rich have always used poor immigrants to do the dirty work. Only now, some of those immigrants are actually receiving some benefits rather than being treated like animals and there's an outcry against them.

Hell, we have regions of natural born citizens suffering something close to third world conditions within our own country with no hope for improvement. Well, you know, they say, this is a meritocracy, but what they say is a fucking lie. The US will protect its interests, but I don't believe the US gives two shits for people.

Thanks for reading.


forgive me please, I know that this comment leaves a lot unmentioned. There are sacrifices I shouldn't forget. I simply feel that, as a nation, we must guard our integrity.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 11th Dec 2016 22:36

So to put a softer shade on our despair,

Love to all XX


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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 11th Dec 2016 20:37

Thanks Suki and elP,

I hope we don't find out the answer to your final question Suki, I think we are probably on the edge of change right now. Whilst I am aware almost every generation thinks and says that, it does feel critical at this point in time.

elP, thanks so much for posting the link which is probably more accessible to more people, I hope they watch it. It is probably the best piece of broadcast journalism I have seen this year.


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Sun 11th Dec 2016 16:42

Every American should watch this. Too bad we don't have access to ITV, but I did find this link..

..I can't imagine that anyone could come away from this film unmoved, no matter what their politics.


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suki spangles

Sun 11th Dec 2016 09:53

The U.S, I believe has a presence in somewhere like 160 plus countries. The lillipads are bases/jumping-off points. We are now all embedded, pretty much. But they are over twenty trillion dollars in debt, and when that bough finally breaks what happens then? Brilliant write.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 10th Dec 2016 22:40

Thanks elP and Ray,

if you can watch this link (elP, it might not work for you, but may be available elsewhere) it is a John Pilger documentary, very powerful and almost sickening. Available on ITV player in UK.


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Sat 10th Dec 2016 21:27

That link is a very full account and it seems to receive little publicity - I wonder why? Is it Softly Softly catchee monkee maybe? With my limited knowledge of such manoeuvring I can only wonder what the next move might be. Isn't it all a bit Dr Strangelove. I was horrified by seeing the aerial views of Bikini atoll and what happened in the fifties. I like the threaded lies like pearls raised up imagery.
Nice creepy account, David.


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Sat 10th Dec 2016 17:07

Those final lines gave me a chill..

Thanks for providing the article. I did read it. There's a lot to take in--no doubt it will be on my mind for a while.


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