An ungrateful wretch



the manifestation of nothing.


It slips inside a man un-swallowed, 

an invisible burrowing monster.


It takes hold of sound minds,

and without a voice it speaks.

Without form it claws the gut

and tears all will apart.


Without a mouth it screams.

Softly whispered crescendos,

echo through empty cavernous space,

expanding to fill all voids,

until echoes drone.


Yet it is nothing more than nothingness.


As vacuous hunger

consumes the hungry,

consummation brings destruction.


Hunger devours itself,

to become that other monster.




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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 20th Dec 2016 09:08

Thanks for reading and your thoughtful comments Mike.

I had not returned to this for a while so have only just seen your post.

Many thanks,


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Tue 13th Dec 2016 01:34

The Globe rotates as does man around their forms of sustenance; the Globe the Sun, Man his food. But if one was to speculate mans behavior - reciprocates this world, then there is no 'true' balance, for there is a kink, a wobble, a discrepancy in Earths behavior that may see man fluctuate between the lean, and the obese.

There is no balance, just two opposing poles that bring treachery and insanity as mans behavior tries convey one meaning upon it's opposite. There is only one consistency, and that is time, where all things eventually pass. For some, it is brief, for others, there is longevity and perhaps pain in recognition of what we are.

In all of this, a third way exists, but we are loathed to acknowledge it while bargaining bigger vessels to carry more and more fruit for oneself. And lets not forget, how we defend the vessel from those who want and need to share its contents for fear of death. There is a 3rd way, but till all recognize this, one will live, while one dies.

Great poem David. Sorry for going on there, but that's the skill you have, you make people think.

Best wishes blue.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 12th Dec 2016 20:43

Thanks for reading and commenting Emer and Andromeda.

Much appreciated.



Mon 12th Dec 2016 20:23


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Emer Ni Chorra

Mon 12th Dec 2016 12:37

A well written piece. I enjoy reading your work. I get this one and don't find any fault in the structure. Oh and I despise greed😤

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 9th Dec 2016 13:09

Hi Andy,

thanks for reading and your comments, I often read work which doesn't immediately reveal itself to me. Often due to me attaching some other meaning more relevant to my life or how I'm feeling at that particular moment in time, I guess its the same with many of us.

Just this morning I re-read something of Colin's which I really hadn't grasped at first, but after reading subsequent comments and responses saw it so much clearer.

That said, and in this case maybe my thought process was a little abstract.

Although I commented on Ray Pools "Dessert" in a way he hadn't noticed when he wrote it, so again it seems interpretation is everything and all important to the individual.

Apologies for my distraction there.

To address your question about the arrangements of lines, Colin was (I think) referring to the lined structure/pattern, and in that regard I do mean it literally that people can arrange them however they wish and it will not interfere with the written word or meaning. Of course, if people were to adjust words or the order in which lines followed on, that could change the meaning. But once we have written anything it is true that the reader can do whatever they wish with it.

Thanks Andy, always appreciate your reading and comments.


Travis Brow

Fri 9th Dec 2016 11:45

Hello David, i admit i'm quite a lazy reader and at first didn't fully understand this piece - my bad, as i believe we say now. Anyway, once i'd read others' comments and your responses, i re-read it and fully concur with Ray and Colin.
i'm intrigued by your claim that; 'people can arrange them (your lines) however they wish...' Am i taking this too literally or do you literally mean it?


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Thu 8th Dec 2016 16:35

I like the idea of hunger being a force rather than just a vacuum which is correct of course, and physical hunger can make its effects felt as well as mental or "spiritual" hunger. Maybe also consider desire as an accompaniment as that can lead to overdoses! I think your poem makes use of comparisons in a very dramatic way.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 8th Dec 2016 15:53

Thanks Colin,

I see the play on words, and I suppose it works.

The title is lifted from an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn novel and is related to literal hunger, hunger being the wretch which is never satisfied for long.

The five lines you struggle with are paramount to the single line which follows, they may be indulgent, but I think they work.

The hunger becomes all important and all consuming, it may not be a literal hunger. Consider, it may be political hunger for change, in a mind that is easily influenced by what it wants to hear (maybe its own hunger) until that hunger becomes so consuming it is all it recognises or hears, thus filling a vacuum with nothing, for instance empty promises which drone on endlessly.

I get your idea regarding structure, I don't really concern myself with that, but appreciate many do. I write words to be read (or ignored), people can arrange them however they wish, it won't change their meaning or message, merely shape, which is after all aesthetic and superfluous.

All that said, I am grateful for your reading and thoughtful comments as always. Thanks Colin,


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