Love between us is dead,dead!

Comes no more lying sounds

from your mouth,silenced by truth


though sorry within the the breast

beats your apologetic heart.


And I remain contentedly deafened

to any renewed pleas,dressed in crocodile tears.


Now,I can happily settle down

to being miserable.

◄ displaying of a closed forever sign

Suitable post-script to my fellow inmates ►


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Jemima Jones

Sun 18th Dec 2016 20:03

Thanks Alexander,for liking.Were you familiar with the title? I only came across it,and its meaning,thanks to my dads old fashioned way of swearing.haha! Jemima.

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Jemima Jones

Thu 15th Dec 2016 16:35

Thank you Colin,Rose,Patricia and Stefan.Its a word from my fathers cursing repertoire.Rose,I think 'boundah and cad' are words used moreso by the upper classes.Of course my father had other profanities in his repertoire,but perhaps a little too profane to be included here! Thank you all again.Jemima.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 14th Dec 2016 17:23

Crud! We have'nt heard that title in years Jemima.Great poem young lady.


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Rose Casserley

Thu 8th Dec 2016 10:18

J.J. had to google 'crud' its in the same class I would say as 'boundah' and 'cad' or..........Colin! hahahaha!

Rose ?

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