A gift from the people.....

A piece of hessian sacking ripped and torn

lay damp and rotting, 

some partial text remained visible

“A gift from the people…..

the sentence was unfinished,

charred by fire.


Whoever had sent it

would have no concept of this place now,

would have long forgotten the gift, 

the urgency with which it was loaded as cargo,

the hope they wished it to deliver

and the secret kiss they blessed it with.


Through days of decay

in this absent place,

it rots among the bones

of its dead recipients

whose bellies its contents filled,

whose bellies its contents spilled.


It merely prolonged their pain

succour to the doomed,

guilt alleviating charity

our token to the already dead.


The rats here can't read.


Though, their swollen bellies are filled with gratitude for our giving.


◄ Chichester harbour, late autumn walk

Mid-winter ►


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 20th Dec 2016 09:11

Thanks Mike,

no tears mate, all good.

Hope the family are all well, ready for Christmas.


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Tue 13th Dec 2016 01:42

You is goona make me cry dude!

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 7th Dec 2016 15:44

Thanks Andy,

I agree, the message is the more important thing. Thanks so much for reading and your comments.


Travis Brow

Wed 7th Dec 2016 07:27

This is an excellent poem David, powerful and sombre. I sometimes cavil at complimenting the skill a poem displays if it treats of serious issues, because really the point is not the talent of the author but the often hideous truths the work addresses. Nonetheless, great work.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 6th Dec 2016 10:31

Thanks Ray,

in some ways this is also asking exactly who are the true beneficiaries of our charity, how safe is it and how do we better enforce checks and balances which have been seen to fail?

All this takes no account of the truly needy, who endure suffering whilst we dither contemplating how to deliver them from it.

Whilst others deliver it in the form of ordnance, a tried and tested vehicle for the relief of prolonged human suffering.

There are many kinds of two legged vermin.


NB, it is customary for some countries to identify their citizens charitable donations by emblazoning the packaging with the words "A gift from the people of -----" This was written with from an image personally witnessed.

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Mon 5th Dec 2016 16:31

David, I immediately thought of the Turin Shroud here! Then re-adjusted to the facts which speak entirely for themselves in a graphic way to show the futility of much effort when intercepted by fate's unwelcome outcome.
Somewhere in the mix might lurk unredemption in a wider sense - the revelations of the facts in a case only too often seen to those who come on the scene and spare others the horrors.


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