GO! little Gosling GO!

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They are required by nature

to follow

albeit in a dicing with death tumble

richochetting off jutting rocks

when Father calls up the precipitous cliff face

or preferably from high ledge to sea in one precarious plummet

predators do not allow a second chance!


Instinctively they peer into the unknown abyss.

Are they wishing they were made of something a lot heavier

in order to gain the ability to descend at a greater speed

instead of being the airy weight that they are?


That question matters not to the starving divebombing snatching Skua's

It is of no consequence to the choicelessness

of Summers patch coated Fox.




© Patricia Wilde 3rd December 2016

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 14th Dec 2016 16:59

Thanks girls.As you both obviously know,its all to do with the food chain.A matter of survival.

And nature does the deciding as to who lives,and who dies,that others may survive.

Grim indeed to see these 'poor little things' that have taken so much effort to rear,suddenly taken in front of their defenceless parents.


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Jemima Jones

Sun 4th Dec 2016 21:20

I am on the edge of my seat when I watch these poor little things trying get to the sea,and I'm almost in tears when predators get them.Nothing beats nature programmes,despite seeing the 'natural' cruelties that get inflicted.Lovely poem Patricia.Thank you.Jemima.

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