WE Sumerians in Mesopotamia

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Our time in Erbil was short

We heard that in Mosul

The fascist’s love of power

Was enforced by knife and fist and gun.

Our time in Ninevah had begun, long, long beneath the sun.


With Dwekh Nawsha

It was a time for self-sacrifice

A time to break the deadly silence of fear and hate

And now church bells ring in Nineveh

WE have changed fate.

We the ancient Assyrian people of Upper Mesopotamia.

Ours is a struggle in dust and blood, with poor intelligence

And worse food.

We saw Christian villagers helped by the secular fighters of the YPG,

And their DShK heavy machine guns, stood sentinel in the dark and in the sun.

These fighters are women, our sisters

Sisters of the Yezedis stolen on Sinjar.

Now they come to send these Salfist rapists-murderers

Off to meet their God.  Soon.  Insha'Allah. It will be done.

WE are the Kurds: Christian, Muslim, Yezedi we have fought for freedom

For thousands of years

Against the Ērānshahr, against the Ottomans, against the French, the British.

The Turks now try to kill the KKK, the Americans desert us, the British have run away.

And now, alone, we move against these Salafists come to perform their abominations.

Our love of life is stronger than their love of death

We have lived here since Ninevah was the largest city in the world

Before Christ (alayhi al-salām) and before Muhammed (sallā llāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam)

We lived here in Babylon with Zarathustra, with Gilgamesh, with  ki and with an.  

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John Marks

Sun 13th Aug 2017 01:22

David. You are correct in your analysis. My sympathies are with the YPG Kurdish fighters (inc some from the US and UK) but the Peshmerga moved out of Ezedi terrotory days before Daesh arrived (presumably on orders from Erbil and/or Washington) to murder men and enslave women. So, yes, a very dirty war indeed. But I have much more sympathy with Assad and their Russian and (less so) Iranian allies than most indoctinated westerners. And we should never forget the dire policies and influence of the apartheid Israelis and their nastiest incarnation Mossad. STILL with a big influence on the US. Though, I think, Trump is a bit more realistic concerning the xenophobia and religious racism of the Israelis than the Dems were.


Wolfgar Miere

Sat 5th Nov 2016 17:55

You'll be lucky to get much response, most of the liberally confined are still arguing about the first world war, or the miners strike to worry about something so insignificant as Mosul.

Dont fret, their children might come to understand it.


Wolfgar Miere

Sat 5th Nov 2016 09:18

Good morning John,

Let's hope they remain. I think once the various battles in Northern Iraq are over, it will only mark the beginning of renewed conflict regarding Turkish and Kurdish borders. I'm with the Kurds in NI but their conflict with the Turks is very dirty on both sides.

My apologies, I do like the piece and it's defiant truth.


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