Expiration Date

If only it was that simple.

I'm at the supermarket,

Looking at a can's expiration date,

And I can't help but to think that in reality,

Life does not work out that way.


If only I knew the date of expiration,

The amount of time before the disintegration,

Of life,

Of love.


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Fri 28th Oct 2016 19:33

Just a thought Adriana that although it would be nice to tie up our emotions with a plan, maybe the unknowing is an essential ingredient in learning. Fear of loss is one of the primal instincts; to experience a larger reality outside the ego is a sort of survival.

Ray x

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 25th Oct 2016 14:33

There is a POV that might enhance every minute but not
in my case. I prefer to muddle along until the big D decides
to intervene - and I have this question that refuses to go
Would you REALLY want to know
The date fate sets for you to go?

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Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo

Fri 21st Oct 2016 12:52

Hey David,

Thanks for your comment. I feel the poem was written more from the perspective of I wish I knew you would die or that this love would come to an end so I would not have any regrets, I would have treasured every moment. But you ask an interesting question, what good would that do to us? It probably would just torment us knowing the end is coming, but maybe we could make the best out of it too. Who knows.

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