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This is no place for old farts. The rowdy lifts,

The noisy red canteens with food that should be free -

The wide-eyed girls with cool kinetic limbs

And youths with scraggy beards - none foresee

With innocent gazes still unmarked by time

How quickly failed ambitions come to be.

Caught in the amber of youth, all neglect

The minds where distant decades intersect.


A middle-aged man is usually a sad bastard -

Unless, of course, he can raise his social value

To overcome his overflow of years. That is hard,

Given widespread ageism. What best to do?

Be honest! After all, he holds the killer card

And knows what is and what cannot, be true.

He is not distracted by the curve of lissom arses

Nor fine hair binding skulls delicate as vases.


Oh schizoid intellectuals with sketchy sex lives,

Dwelling forever on your loveless death –

Or at best cursing disenchanted wives

In quiet rooms with baited, bitter breath –

Give me the abstractions, concepts and beliefs

To draw my thinking from its tarnished sheath.

So moist etceteras, young eyes and blue-veined skin

Do not distract me from the thoughts I wonder in.


Quite purged of carnal whims beyond my span,

I will not harbour lusts I cannot slake

But fight the noble fight, keep to the plan,

Avoiding supple flesh by shunning break

And reading every text-book that I can,

My cold ambition keeping me awake;

And emerge from all these trials with such a pass

I am beyond dispute the truly middle class.


Mature studentYeats

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Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz

Fri 21st Oct 2016 12:26

I enjoyed this a lot. Congratulations on POW. Can't wait to read more.

Tony Hill

Fri 14th Oct 2016 15:04

A good read, John, and then some. Tony

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Andy N

Fri 14th Oct 2016 12:50

clever john. really enjoyed it and it made me smile

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suki spangles

Thu 13th Oct 2016 20:15

Funny and well written!

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