all the while,I've been French!

"oh,and do you support Manchester United?"

my social life has been blighted!

by that damn football team!

its more than extreme

that when you tell people

you're from the North West

they're only impressed by footie talk

I feel like putting a great fat cork in their gobs!

we're not all football yobs

I can't stand the fucking game

its lamer than lame


"And do you like Oasis?"

I can tell you right now,none of that shite graces my record collection

my stuff's introspection

'Emo' I think they call it nowadays

but anyways.................


so when I found out my name was originally French

it was'nt much of a wrench

to ditch the 'Manc'

and join the ranks

of those who appreciate wine-

and fine-

cheeses and bread

those,who are well read


.....not to mention the thing about me being an extremely fashionable(but understated)Madame


yes,thats me

drinking coffee,not builders tea

spohisticated and wearing black

no sportswear graces my back!

Paris is mine! my tastes are fine!


And when I woke from my dream

had a Greggs doughnut filled with cream

threw off my wellies,put Corrie on the telly

sheer bliss....................

or should I say 'Du pur bonheur!!'

◄ think.....WIDE BERTH!

passing of cars ►


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Rose Casserley

Sun 2nd Oct 2016 08:59

guys,I am so sorry that I overlooked your comments.My apologies to you,Tony(lovely to see you back again)Jemima,and Andy.

Thanks so much.

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Jemima Jones

Wed 28th Sep 2016 12:16

Nice one Madame Casserley! very gigglesworthy! Jemima.

Tony Hill

Tue 27th Sep 2016 16:57

Just back from France, Rose, so this made me giggle. If you like introspective music, check out Janice Ian's Between the Lines.

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