think.....WIDE BERTH!

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opinionate zilch of this lout!

bet your life he thinks F.A of you,since

the pug faced thug,chinwagging mostly

in criminality,would rather die,than,

adopt your respectabilty,or

include your down-nosed higher views

in his off-road conversations


except maybe,to spare a filthy expletive,should you approach

-an expletive which,is not hard to explain

in view of the patronising way in which you,

might bravely accost his hearing.

So why excercise your thoughts about him at all?

especially if you love life!


After all,he has the more sizeable tattooed body,and,

who are you to threaten his drug fuelled insensibility

by exhibiting your ruling class majority of intellect?

surely you understand,it is beyond the supremacy of his pig ignorance! 



◄ Angel

all the while,I've been French! ►


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