Just Be

Fuck you

Fuck me

Fuck this world

And what we believe

Never do the same

Never do the old

Hold the bold in its place

Please, let me touch your face

Let me be the one you crave

Lets escape these miseries

And try to act brave

Even if we can't escape

Just be there when I need you

Just listen when I talk

Just hold me when I cry

Just hold my hand while we walk

Just smile when I try to love you

Just be who you are

The way I see you from inside

The way I love you

Just makes me a little better

A little wiser

A little happier

More content with myself

More sure of this world

More in love each day

Our little piece of the world

Is in our hearts

Its where we can go anytime anyday

Our little piece of the world

Grows bigger each day

◄ Imagine

On a winter night ►


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