Sunday July 14, 2002

What I want you to say

Rather than what comes out

Your words

They mean so much

And yet they are few

When you pour out your soul

You conceive its meaning

You keep it simple

But make it so complex

I'm wanting more,

But keep getting less.

I'm hurting in ways you couldn't understand,

And all I want is to hear more of your words

Telling me it'll be ok, that you care.

Every brush off, every little thing adds up

And I'm sick of feeling like I'm just a friend.

What I want is not what you give.

This is an over reaction.

This is silly.

But it's what I feel.


Why don't you hear my screams

I'm calling out to you

But no one's listenning

Am I loud enough for you

Are you hearing me

Why can't you see

I'm calling out for you

I'm standing out front

Waiting patiently

I've been here all night


I'm calling out for you

Do you hear the words that I say

Are you even listenning

Can you hear what I'm saying

I'm calling out for you

I've been waiting here patiently

Standing out front for you

Waiting here all night

Calling out for you

Don't you hear my screams

Am I loud enough for you

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