Love dreams

Where is my love that touched me so dear?

Where has he gone, to the depths of no end

My heart and body trembled by his love

Oh, if I could just be with that love again


These cycles of love, without love

Without knowing where it will go

It is treachery - lies and deceit

Love without a purpose

A lustful desire, yet seems so much more

Why must you, must we

play in this game of love

If it be called such a thing


Certainly love's core is not known,

It is big and unknown until opened.

Is it a different color inside from the outside; different texture even?

What makes it so?


I don't understand these inconstant feelings

For him, for me

Hurt by expectations not fulfilled

Therefore expect not

and hurt not

But live it to the fullest

Live it alone

Live not in waiting

Enjoy it all


Look to the stars for answers

And if it rains, it is for nourishment

Make peace with what 

Love is and is not

What is and what may be

Lost in this constant dream


Awake dear child and give me my pleasure again

I need to know if you are still mine

I fear not

And if it be so

Nevermore shall this be stirred


The worst expected is received

Love is fleeting across the ocean

There is nothing I can do

Thinking "What have I done?"

What could I do to rewind this

Before all is too late

What difference would it make?

He'll still be gone and I would be alone

I am still uncertain, if this love is what I really want

There is a lot of mystery to it


Who knows what is the right decision 

Do what's best or right but what you want to do

Do what makes you happy

And he makes me happy


Hail misery in this love

Misery is here moreso than love

At greater lengths

Yet I must appreciate what I already have

Why must I look for love when it's lost

This certainly is not healthy

(c) 2001

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