Sons of Leicester

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Born of terrible tyrants

beautiful people borne,

Idi with his hands blood soaked

helped raise our shining dawn.


My grandfather built this mount

bricks and mortar high,

but since he did, just look at it

see how it scrapes the sky,


and holds the heavens open

to Gods of every kind,

and those with none

still congregate,

and which of us do mind?


A King is here, once laid so low

none knew his fallen Crown,

but with his resurrection

he blessed this new found town.


From Mayflower I went out

and left the sheltered city,

gracing humbler places 

from where others came with pity.


But how they filled this place

and brought with them such stuff

that no-one could ever claim

they didn't give enough.


Her Streets now multi coloured

with roots laid firm and strong,

they came from every nation

now in Leicester they belong.

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 9th Sep 2016 14:34

Thanks Ray and Stu,

I am really grateful for both of your generous comments, very kind of you.

Its a little specific so probably doesn't have a very broad appeal, the ending is also quite sentimental and overly optimistic (even naive) that said, Leicester is a relative success when compared to many multi-cultured cities.

Thanks again,


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Thu 8th Sep 2016 19:28

A great swathe of lyric grandeur with a bold history . Wonderfully put together David. I guessed the Idi connection, sending a panic and rush for new lives. I think those who came contributed a lot. There is also the football euphoria this year !


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Stu Buck

Thu 8th Sep 2016 15:00

thanks david, this poem sent me off on a hour long learning journey. very interesting piece of history that i shamefully admit i had no knowledge of prior to this morning. it seems almost pointless to commend the writing, as it is always such good quality, but a poem that takes me somewhere i have not been before, be it fantastical or fact, is one i cherish.

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 8th Sep 2016 01:46

An article which goes some way to clarify the first stanzas meaning.


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