Feeding the monster

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The Huangpu river

a mere silk road sliver,

when viewed by satellite.

Though it was the means to once deliver

a blow to the dragons might.


Its perfumed banks

where men drowned doubt

in timbered dens

their souls sucked out,

half dead they lay

to help forget

wars memories

unfathomed yet.  


And, here still we tread

its Golden Bund

deals with slight of hand

to fund.


Will our bloated corporate addiction

ease the pain of greeds affliction?

or like the dragon draw treasured breath

and lead us blind again to death. 


◄ November 2016 (may be deemed offensive by those from delicate constitutions)

Dilemmas diluted ►


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 6th Sep 2016 08:51

Thanks elP,

indeed, if we want to be educated in this regard it is something we will have to endeavour to do ourselves, which is your whole point.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


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Tue 6th Sep 2016 04:15

I am reminded of the Four Tigers, of whom I've read only in brief..

I suspect that we are educated on world economies only in the elementary--if at all--for a reason.


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