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Make it a sweet goodbye

Make it something unforgettable

Don’t leave a note or letter

No one can ever know why.


I put an angel to bed

Who laid there so peacefully

Like a baby fast asleep.


Was it all a dream

Or maybe just a nightmare

The memory of your face

Brings me back to reality.


It’s 4 in the morning right now

My brain won’t let me sleep

And I can’t remember the last time I was sober

Beer bottles and vodka shots are all over my floor.


The first time I saw you

I thought we would last forever

But it was a happy ending that you let go.


I really hoped that you would stay

But you left and went your own way, babe

I don't mind, take your time, I've got things to do.


When God took your soul

He stole my pride

As you entered the afterlife

And left me all alone.


Why were you so fragile?

Why didn’t you smile anymore?

Was the weight of the world

Too much for you to bear?


I want to feel your touch again

I’m lost without it

Pretending is not enough

I want to feel us together.


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