I Need

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I need my Jesus back
I need my faith back
I need something to believe in
Before I fall for anything.

Somewhere down the line
Driving down that lost highway
A part of me took the wrong exit
And never came back.

I miss him so much
Starting to lose touch
Everything is empty without him
And I'm lonelier by the second.

He has my smile
He has my laugh
He has everything I cherish
And I want it all back.

Smoking up another pack
Looking out the window constantly
Hoping that he will come back
Praying that he will come back.

I need another beer
So I can drink down all my fears
I was happier when he was here
But now it feels like the end is near.

Talking to myself
Because he is not here to keep me company
All I have is my brain
To have to talk to.

Then I start to realize he was never on my side
Just another roadblock
Keeping me down.

So I'm writing this letter
To the person I once was
Ending it with "I miss you"
But I don't want to know you anymore.

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