One Night Stand

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I see the dark side of the dance floor tonight

It looks like an abyss with disco lights

A sea of bodies losing all sense of function

To the sounds of groovy beats and cosmic rhythms.


You’re standing there like you are waiting for me

A sweet little devil dress- tight black.

Diamond heels and ruby red lipstick

You are the type of trouble I am looking for.


This dance floor is bringing us together

As we move closer to each other

You touch your tongue to your lips

Oh, I have been waiting for this.


My tongue is low on self-esteem

But your lips are giving it a confidence boost.

My feet have no idea of pulse

But your body is keeping them in tempo.


Dancing and swinging to the music

Our bodies fit together perfectly like a puzzle

As I steal your breath with my hands on your hips

And your sly hand slides slowly from my face to my neck.


You have your eyes to the door

That means you’re waiting to leave

I flash you the keys

That means you’re leaving with me.


In the lion’s den of late night romance

We slip away onto a twin mattress

Next to a pile of laundry and a pillow of books

Such a fairy tale ending, right?


The best kind of love

Is the kind that doesn’t leave anything behind

Riding on a feeling that only lasts for the night

But something awful happens in the morning


You disappear out of thin air without a trace

Leaving me alone with a bad heartache

Only for me to realize that

Loneliness is only formidable when you know it is indefinite.


◄ Ocean Love

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