Blood Painting

I never thought it could happen

I always saw it on the morning news

But never thought once in my life

That it could happen to me.


The day when everything changed

When nothing was the same

And innocence was tainted forever,

I remember it clearly.


Another school day

Same routine

Rode the bus

Went to class.


But when I hit my locker

I heard a loud bang

Kids screaming

A smell of hot blood bubbling.


I turned the corner

And horror bestowed itself to my eyes

The bodies of teenagers

Life taken away from them.


Daddy's little girls

Mommy's little boys

Became firing ranges

For someone else’s rage.


The popular kids

Weren’t popular kids anymore

Instead, they were blood paintings

Splattered against the walls


Then, I saw him standing there

Looking straight at me

With anger swimming in his eyes

I remembered him from before


He was always picked on by the other kids

Even threatened with death

Who knew he'd go this far

To make them pay


Then we stood face to face

His gun pointing at me

With his finger on the trigger

Was I another figment of his anger?


My mind told me to move

But my body was paralyzed in fear

He pulled the trigger

A blast filled my ears

Warm blood covered my hands

I thought it was mine

But it was his

He was dead.


◄ Until Then, I’ll Be Waiting For You

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