An incident on Zargona Road

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As the flying crippled limb

and its severed foot connect

the passengers don't notice him 

or the windscreens scarlet fleck


Taxis in this city

festoon their grills with flesh

metalled mouths show little pity

bystanders even less


When eighty four evaporate

in ball-bearinged storms of death

its compassion that men subjugate

to steal much more than breath


On witnessing a fatal traffic accident which provoked only indifference, I pondered why.


Compassion fatigueNormalisation of horrorNumbness

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 29th Jul 2016 17:30

Thanks Ray, much appreciated.


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Thu 28th Jul 2016 22:36

This makes a very valid point in numbness to atrocity
David. Not something most can grasp in the UK, where can this all lead, other than to a sense of blunt hopelessness? Save us all.


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