Sugarworks for me

Music speaks.

Music is heard,

And we must reply.

A clap, cheer or whistle

Fills the room.

A clink of glasses,

Shifting feet, shuffling.

We are an abstract art,

Disparate sounds, voices

Harmonising when we connect.

A keyboard riff,

An order at the bar,

A passing moped - 

A city joining in.

Sugarwork me

And I'm lost in a tapestry of sound.

An orchestra of sound

That plays in my mind.

Speak to me.

You do.

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Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo

Mon 26th Aug 2019 21:24

Music speaks.

Music is heard,

And we must reply.

Loved it! Brilliant job!

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Jill Ashforth

Mon 26th Aug 2019 20:53

Thank you Stu. It was great that you took time to look at my art as well. Sorry I took so long to reply to your comment. It was much appreciated.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 28th Jul 2016 11:28

Oh I like this, and I am 100% with you. I can't even walk down the road without my mind making up a tune to the rhythm and surrounding sounds.

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Jill Ashforth

Tue 26th Jul 2016 19:42

Thank you! I'm in the process of making a video poem about Sugarwork and the Jazz festival. It should be up soon and you can view it at my Vimeo site - there is a link to it on the home page of my main website

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Stu Buck

Tue 26th Jul 2016 10:19

this is a wonderful poem. rich in texture and sound, very much like a good piece of jazz. i visited your site as well (due to this poem) and the art on their is sumptuous. i especially like the piece 'winter storm', so much movement and a turner-esque use of light and dark. wonderful.

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