Confessions of a vinyl addict

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love the sound of crackle
I adore the sound of hiss
People thought it was a dying trend
But its a sound I'll never miss

The sound of a new vinyl
Is a sound I love to hear
So pull yourself up real close
And lend me your ear

Now some people like  jazz
And others like rock
But the only time I get sad
Is when my records are outta stock

So if you see me playing records
Don't look at me smart or smug
Keep ya CDs and your tapes
Its my preferred kinda drug!


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 21st Jul 2016 22:40

The advent of the CD was a gift to classical music lovers
who no longer had to endure interruptions in listening
or surface imperfections of the snap, crackle and pop
variety. It also performed wonders for the digital
enhancement of old favourites right across the music spectrum.
Having said that, I admit to currently buying old 78rpm
acetates from the likes of Bidgood's Broadcasters - with
recordings of "Painting The Clouds With Sunshine" and
"Tiptoe Through The Tulips" resonating down the years
from when I discovered an 8" "Broadcast" label disc in
my stepfather's old collection of 78s. That discs of
this sort can still be found is wonderful and my Pye Black
Box with its turnover cartridge is perfect for trips down
memory lane to music that was around years before
I was born. If you ever feel blue, this is just the sort
of thing to lift your spirits.
P.S. I also have a substantial number of LPs from
more recent years and they provide their own
special enjoyment from a time when "the album"
format revolutionised popular home listening.
The irreplaceable Sinatra's "Songs for Swinging
Lovers" was the springboard for the riches that
followed from so many other gifted artists.

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keiron higgins

Thu 21st Jul 2016 20:15


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Tom Doolan

Thu 21st Jul 2016 19:34

The needle is on the record
You 33 & 45 addict of vinyl
It's a real raw sound
And it's effect is spinal

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