A Short Preview

Silence is my greatest virtue

It's very rare that these lips ever make a move

My voice is heard through my poetry.


An awkward introvert

Living alone in my fantasy world

Hiding from the real world.


When I look at old photographs

I think of things I tried to become

And how I failed at each one of them.


In this rusty mirror

I see my true self

And I hate it.


I'm emotionally incapable

Holding back everything I want to say

Fear has my tongue.


So this is why I'm writing these words

To give me some closure

To prove that I'm still alive.


I’ve been different from everyone else since birth

A lonely star in the universe

Shining alone.


Hollywood stars live around me

That’s what these young kids look like to me

Living so happily

Living so free.


Often I wonder what it would be like

To be another face in the crowd

My life would be happier maybe.


Sometimes I'm confident as lightning

Sweet as a sugarcane wind

Energetic as a Pokemon.


Sometimes I'm moody like rain

Angry like a hurricane

Sad like snow.


Fake friends surround me

Bringing sorrow into my heart

Maybe someday I'll find the strength

To make them go away.


True friends comfort me

Like sheets on a bed

Maybe someday I'll find the courage

To tell them how much I love them.


I'm an old fashioned romantic

The sweetest boy ever

Born with an easy heart.


My heart is rare among the stars

A strong capacity to love

Even when loving isn't easy.


I'm so quick

To fall for a girl’s smile

Doing anything to make them happy.


I have strong feelings for a wonderful girl

But I'll probably never share my feelings with her

Until the day I die.


I'm a failure

A lover

A fighter

A liar

A dreamer

I am what I am

A poet.


A Short Preview" is a poem that a wrote a few years ago during a dark time in high school when I had a negative opinion about myself and this poem helped me get though that.

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