Last Night

Last night I saw you - still young, turning your head

so gracefully, and laughing - robed in light;

as I on dream's soft fabric gently tread,

while stealing forgetful sleep before daylight.

What was this hazy world? the uncharted land

of final sleep, of neither space nor time?

where we'll watch clouds, and every grain of sand,

until the waking bell of dawn does chime.

The trees no more would lose their leaves; no more

would birds depart for warmer climes, when we

together here will sit for evermore,

and happy to escape life's troubled sea.

We'll hear dreamcatchers tinkle, and incense smell,

and hear the waves, and watch their gentle swell.

Last night poem chris laverty

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Stu Buck

Tue 5th Jul 2016 10:55

excellent. loads of great lines. i love 'on dream's soft fabric gently tread,' that is really something that could have been written a century ago and still be (rightly) lauded as special. has an ethereal quality which is just lovely.

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