The Abundance of Pleasure

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Do not be subjected to the selfish objectives 

of single serving soulmates out to leave you rejected. 

Left wondering why you elected to stay this connected, 

instead of using your head, choosing to prove,

you knew we would lose this connection


So stay strong and focused, it won't take too long to notice, 

that your modus for selection, can be bogus so focus your weapon 

Let ‘em go without knowing they’re sewing a grand deception 

It’s led you in the wrong direction where you left them. Rejection


Next up I’ll change up direction affectin’

inflection and change the momentum It’s seldom

you tell them information and it melts them

Like cheese on pretzel hit levels of hell ‘til you


fight with the devil himself over whether he’ll help

with weathering, it’s overwhelming me.

Tell me you’ll bury me under this cherry tree

owe the world cherries, took more than Ron Jeremy




I’m needing some Therapy, thinking more carefully

Who’s gonna care for recovering celebrities

Especially ones who are living vicariously

Through the past riddled with fractured memories.


It took a Life Time, to start Fighting criminals

Crimes are committed that violate principals

corrupted sentences, destroying syllables

Looking at poets through eyes of the cynical


I’ve hit the pinnacle, no slowing down

I’m out of the rough, there’s no stopping me now

There’s no plot to be found, I’m not dropping this crowd

Without powerful music I use to get loud.


Now you hear a sound, that pulses through souls

Moves you towards your goals, Lifts you off the floor

Let’s your body absorb the abundance you’ve stored

And release the most Pleasure you’ve ever endured. 


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Corr Lens

Fri 10th Jun 2016 10:35

"Let’s your body absorb the abundance you’ve stored

And release the most Pleasure you’ve ever endured."

love the whole poem but i feel like these two lines could be a killer poem on their own.

First I've read but I'm about to jump into your work like a child drunk on chicken nuggets into a ball pit.

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