The Treasure that is Treva

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Nothing compares to the treasure that is Treva

No underestimating fate when it comes to Pleasure.

I might be talking forever, I find this girl super clever

Not a soul does it better, the time is now or never.


Her style is leather and feathers and if she changes direction

She’s a proper showstopper winning Prom Queen elections

Her sense of humor’s infectious so I establish a Nexus

An addictive bowl of golden grams, I’ll spoon her for breakfast


So my confession is this: Looks like we’re destined to kiss

I won’t lessen your bliss, unless there’s a lesson I missed

I’ll make your tongue do the twist, the tempo timing’s a tryst

I’m diving deep in Treva’s temple driving wood like a titlist.


A competition finalist, shining bright like a gold medal

Sleep on a golden pillow. Achievement is Soul-Level.

Several miraculous meetings brought us into a fellowship

Now we pleasure each other’s minds like massaging heads.


I need someone to triage my emotional wounds

Before I’m floating in tombs like a ghostly buffoon

My life is mostly consumed by love from midnight to noon

So I politely excuse feelings, a heartless cartoon


Ego inflated balloon, I’m high like Macy’s parade

And in case you’re afraid, I promise that you’ll always be safe

There’s no time to waste, your Alice late for an important date

So of course I wait, because you’re so much more than sorta great


Must’ve been a stroke of fate, a little dash of lady luck

I pray the lord my soul to take, if she’s not there when I wake up

Our eyes should meet each other’s when the covers overtake us

Built a natural foundation, so we’ll never need to makeup


So I guess that places us, among the masses of tragic lovers

You’re my Gibson I’ve got you’re back just like I’m Danny Glover

No need to fret, my fingers caress up the Stratocaster neck

Creating beauty, my call of duty won’t be my last regret. 


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