A War for the Ages, A Battle of Titans

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I believe it’s the truth; when I listen to your story,

Because what kind of fool would let someone else destroy,

The preconceived notion of what it means to feel joy and

Give someone the power to make you scour the void


For a moment of smiles, for some semblance of hope,

Someone in this world that will, remember your jokes

And those resembling friends, they’ll assemble your throne

Then the heroes and villains will take over the globe.


Superman complex, derived from hot sex,

Watch for Damsels in distress, wearing that Latex

I hope she is a badass, I hope this is a playtest

I need a sidekick who likes risk, won’t play it safe with


A clever affectation, like one that is distinctive

Pogo stick, some fake tits, and a playful inner demon

She needs a mentor like Vin Deisel, or Liam Neeson

Then some tech savvy gadgets from Q or Morgan Freeman


This is the type of fantasy that gets me excited

A life without violence, paved with a war for the silent

A war for the ages, yeah It’s a battle of Titans

Releasing the Kraken, I’m not backing down from these Idols


I’m taking nothing for granted, I’m protecting this planet

I can’t stand “standing still”, bring on the challenges tandem.

I need the opportunity to indulge in this Fandom

I’m flying high now, I need a plan to help landing.


Looking for a girl, that’ll add to my commentary

a person I can marry, our plot ends at the cemetery

knows Colorado bands like Bodies we’ve buried

who can hold my hand and smells like strawberries.


One who flashes scary stares, at dudes who wanna flaunt their

Muscles with tiny shirts who’ll flirt with any blonde hair

Doesn’t need a personality, and it doesn’t stop there,

I’m disappointed in my gender. Sometimes, it’s not fair.


But that’s why I try to be a quality guy

A perfect example, a sampling of Mister Right

I’m gambling tonight on if she’s misses right

You’re the only woman I see, you’ve stolen my sight


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