I Wish

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I wish I could tell you anything

Anything you want to hear

But I don’t think you would listen to me

I don’t think you would believe me.


A never ending game of cat and mouse

A classic case of “will they, won’t they”

You can’t see what is happening between us

Or maybe this is all in my head.


That’s the struggle isn’t it?

Not being able to tell the differences

Not being able to make a move

Not being able to say how you feel.


Truth be told

I don’t even know anymore

The lines are so blurred now

I can’t even recognize it anymore.


I wish it was simple

But oh wait, it can’t be simple

Nothing can be simple

It can never be simple.


I need to get this shit out of my head

And just say it to your face

Say it with honest eyes

Say it with an honest heart


But everything will change

Everything will change forever

Is it worth the risk?

Is it worth the heartache?


Or should I say

Are you worth the risk?

Are you worth the heartache?

Are you worth it in the end?


Maybe you are

Maybe you aren’t

It’s always “maybe”

Because there’s no for sure answer.


I wish I could tell you

How beautiful you are

How great you are

How amazing you are


Or how you inspire me

You helped me

You guided me

You saved me


How would you react?

Would you smile?

Would you laugh?

Would you cry?


These thoughts are maddening

These thoughts of you are maddening

These thoughts feel forbidden

These thoughts feel guilty


I wish I could stop liking you

But who am I kidding

I like liking you

It’s my guilty pleasure


I could feel this way forever

And you would never know

You can’t know

You must never know.


This can never be

This can never be more than fiction

I’m a lost cause

And you’re a wandering soul.


I will just pretend

You will go on with your life

It has to be like this

It will always be like this


I wish I could just say it

But I can’t say it

I can never say it

Because you don’t feel it.

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michelle hatten

Thu 9th Jun 2016 17:26

I love this poem, keep writing from the heart.

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