Implosion explosion (après la bombe)

A thin translucent veil

light forcing through

in fractured shafts,

the eyes adjust

to no avail

shedding shape’s

the mind can’t craft.


A swollen sponge 

to soak the sense

with pitching high tone squeal,

the ear adjusts

but cannot clear

that droning 

hum surreal.


Mouth of dirt

eyes of blood

clawing hands that plea,

dragging back to consciousness

the dead man now in me.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 11th May 2016 21:14

Thanks so much for your reading, observation and comment Phil. It is very much appreciated.


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Phil Kay

Wed 11th May 2016 20:29

Sometimes mate, when I read your words I feel such pain for the shit you know to paint these pictures, and I aint no shrinking virgin.

I did once look into a room that had a foot wide hole in it, and used to contain a chinaman and a hundredweight of spuds, of which there was no sign!

Implosion explosion indeed, and I have now seen it expressed beautifully!

Thank you.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 11th May 2016 04:29

Many thanks Ray and Ian,

Much appreciated.


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Tue 10th May 2016 12:59

Another fine offering with the weight of true knowledge behind it. Destined to succeed in words.


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Ian Whiteley

Tue 10th May 2016 00:12

cracking poem Wolfie - no need for an explanation I think - it is raw and expertly crafted - even without undergoing the experience and the effects the reader can clearly 'feel' and 'see' what you feel and see - luckily without the physical trauma - I really like this succinct and powerful piece :-)

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 10th May 2016 00:04

Thank you elP,

I am curious as to any response.

I think it might be problematic for people to have any point of reference for this, as it is not something many will experience, thankfully.

The title may give some indication though.

It is about regaining consciousness after an explosion, truly unaware of ones surroundings.

More than that though it is meant to suggest the difficult road to recovery, and how in traumatic events something inside can die and often not be recovered.

I have included après la bombe in the title as this was partly inspired by and exhibition of the same name.

"Implosion explosion" is to suggest the internal damage caused by the external.

My apologies, I don't usually explain and am not generally a fan of doing so.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


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Mon 9th May 2016 23:34

This is almost hypnotic. As if they were broken memories..a "shedding" of pieces of something one is unable to sort through. And, the metaphoric drone that seems to filter everything that comes after.

This will be with me for a while. Thanks, Wolfie.


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