The Scandal That is You

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She opens her palm and his hand, he hands her

Time for a spin, some sin on the dance floor

I’ve got plans for us just how much can you handle?

Passion’s the mantle,

I’ll make you my Scandal.


Beautiful body, mental combatant

Amazing Agent of style and fashion

Miss passion with the most passionate

habits that are old fashioned


like manuscripts written by candlestick.

Handle it? She's not a standard chick,

and she sure as hell ain't no basic bitch.

She's facing forward toward the moon like spaceship.


Society says that, they’ll likely hate this,

Cause I’m tasteless, I’ll never make this,

even if they misinterpret my skin tone,

because the content is white which is Sinful


I’m no Russell Wilson, throwing touchdowns,

You might’ve just touched down on a simple

Thought about how I can bow down to this temple,

Of beauty with the cutest little dimples


She bends me to her will, for sure.

I feel low from the endo, I sendo the senso,

from the depths of my lungs, crescendo.

Now Nintendo is the real world,

No cheat codes to steal girls,


A smile, 2-step, a dip and a twirl

I'm trippin while slippin and sippin this swirl.

Swagger like actors I'm packed this club,

attackin the stacks of my cash I'm a stud.

You're lackin action, a simple reaction

is tacklin my beats to deepest impaction.


Passion is rampant I'm standin demandin

I’m fannin this flame like a pyromancer

The cancer extinguished a fiendish romancer

I’m dashin to dancers like comet and prancer


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