52 Pickup/ or; Diamonds over Queens

Your friends all wanna get with me, and I’m not really interested,

So I’m just gonna sit here with, my mind infatuated with you.

You’re the reason that I sleep so well, I’m sorry I can’t stop myself

I’m lost without the proper help trapped inside this hell missing you


Breathing was so easy when the dudes you met were sleezy

Now the quality is higher and you end up shining brighter with me.

I can’t contain this motivation. Baby you should know I’m patient

But I’m stuck here on location I’m complacent but I’ve made up my mind


Pressure is building.

The temperature’s rising.

The height of this building could span the horizon

And just look at what we’ve built here. 

It’s worth admirin’

When you look into my eyes 


I’m in love with the Silence x2


I’m stuck on the Face Value,

Of every person that I meet

I have a system on how to evaluate who surrounds me

Even though I’m not perfect

There’s reason to be teasing me

Sometimes when I call you, I forget the reasoning


I'm in Love with the Silence


I have a song to sing. I hope that you like it

Because I think it’s promising, and I think that it might lift

Your feet right off the ground, like a magic carpet ride with

The Jack of your heart, who brought his Queen of Clubs a Diamond.


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