let keys tumble and fall 

like brauhaus skittles,

and in comes peace.



Let chaos be overcome by calm.


Slumber then to sleep,

for in the music of dreams

play the symphonies of life.


And in that darkness lives the light.


On waking, 

let the reprise of visions flow through you.


You are a concerto,

written in dreams.



◄ Gaia

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<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 6th Jan 2019 10:51

Some dreams are magical....they come true....some linger without outcome n meaning....wonderful write💐

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 6th Jan 2019 10:43

Hello Rich,

I am blatantly taking advantage of your historic comment to give this scribble a bit of oxygen. I'm pleased it encouraged you to create an account, makes it worthwhile. Apparently this also got stuck in a boozer window in Marsden which rather pleases me.


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Thu 26th Jan 2017 22:12

Love this. This poem caught my interest and encouraged me to create an account to comment. Enough said!

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:24

Thank you Patricio,

Exactly, we should all entertain our dreams. They could be some of the only things we can truly call our own.


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Patricio LG

Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:11

There's a massive truth in your poem too, I am writing a story that I realised in a dream, quite mad but then dreams are. It's a shame it'll never be published due to being an awful writer however I have to realise that dream and bring it to life. Like a symphony lol . Brilliant Wolfe

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 31st Jan 2016 14:23

Thanks Robert and Stu,

Rob, haha...I am not what I write, I like to think I'm much more than that.

There has to be an antidote to sickly romantic notions, but a world without them would be not worth living in.

Thanks both for your kind and encouraging words.


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Robert Mann

Sun 31st Jan 2016 13:46

Wolfie - where has the bitter anti-poet gone? This is extremely profound and beautiful at the same time. Music not only calms the savage beast, it can be inspirational and an antidote to everything that disrupts the equilibrium. What is not to like about this piece? Well written mate.

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Stu Buck

Sun 31st Jan 2016 13:42

yes this is lovely. like a tumbling succession of softly tapped wind chimes heard over a slightly out of tune radio on a summers evening.

it even made my comment poetic.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 31st Jan 2016 12:44

Thanks Ray/Lea,

It is a little idealistic and maybe too hopeful, but sometimes words are all we need to lift us. Well that and of course the eternal healing power of music.

Thanks for your encouragement.


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Sun 31st Jan 2016 12:37

Like the ebb and flow of a great ocean swell with its own unknowable purpose. Very inspirational and has a healing quality to it. One of the best on account of a change of heart . Great title,too.



Sun 31st Jan 2016 11:30

Wow. This is quite simply beautiful, love it :)

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