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Go read some logarithms

or spot some classic trains,

better yet ingest a pint 

of what they use to clean the drains.


You can’t do this,

you can’t do that

your rules are born in spaces,

bereft of any progress

outside your minds embraces.


Such twee protected groupings

litter the recent past,

they proliferate like lemmings

and fall as bloody fast.


You’re the kind of life form

with a flag pole on the lawn,

who salutes the tattered colours

as you raise them every dawn.


You’d have those who oppose you

flogged with tongues ripped out,

make their shouts a whimper

their knowledge turned to doubt.


But whilst our bones are upright

and our minds as sharp as steel,

we won't retreat the long fight

till you’re crushed beneath the heel.



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