Seeking solitude I wander,

Eyes closed, by the cliff-edge.

Fear bathes my nakedness,

Stinging like the salt scented breeze.

Open wounds weep and wail like banshees.

Screeching scrambles reason,

In short-lived respite, until the pain

Reaches its peak, inducing numbness.

Detachment affords time to


Nurture the pangs of loneliness.


Do not offer me pity. I have plenty,

Of the self-made unpalatable bile.

Treat me with contempt, as I too loathe.

This sleeping beast stirs and eyes open,

Only for the nightmare to really begin.

◄ Haiku: Warm Winds

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Robert Mann

Mon 25th Jan 2016 00:12

Vicki and Martin - many thanks for the salve which your kind words provide. I will persist I promise.

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Martin Elder

Sun 24th Jan 2016 17:04

So well expressed Rob. Vicki is write keep writing. It is also good poetry.

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Vicki Ayers

Sun 24th Jan 2016 12:17

Rob - keep writing it down - as hard as it is - this is the best therapy I know. And keep your eyes open near the cliff edge! This is a well written poem about a difficult past - well done xx

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