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He thinks he might just rest a while

and close the open port.

A mind too full becomes fragile, 

when stoked too much by thought.


But then if thought is stifled 

or worse, sinks to be drowned,

who’ll pass on all the marvels

that in his head he found?


Such wonders only shown to him,

he’s buckled by their weight

he’d rather sink instead of swim

so one last sup, such sweet intake.


Hoping in that final breath

his mind imparts some lasting will, 

and somehow lives beyond his death

to resonate by living, still. 



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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 24th Jan 2016 03:04

Thanks all for reading and comments. Much appreciated.


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Martin Elder

Sat 23rd Jan 2016 23:21

I can only wonder at the philosophical implications of this piece. there is the conundrum how any one can bear the weight of so much without willing sinking. But whatever the result it is still a good piece of poetry.

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Vicki Ayers

Sat 23rd Jan 2016 20:45

Not sure there's much more I can add to the previous comments - other than I like it! X

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Robert Mann

Sat 23rd Jan 2016 15:54

Wolfie - I love the idea that the brain is a form of conduit to receive and pass on knowledge as its primary function. That somehow we all tune into information and should not selfishly hold on to it is a fascinating thought!
Well conceived and related Wolfie!

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Sat 23rd Jan 2016 14:33

Ah there's the rub - all in the word WILL. A very important part of the human arsenal and can be used for good or bad depending on the sender. Does that die like the body? The mind boggles! The idea of weight as being full of ideas is great.

Very nice piece David.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 23rd Jan 2016 13:07

Thanks Stu,

I would be interested in her take on it. Many thanks.


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Stu Buck

Sat 23rd Jan 2016 12:40

lovely wolfie. a beautifully penned ode to the philosophers curse. i was discussing this with wifey just the other night (she studies philosophy). I will show her this when she returns home, I am sure she will also enjoy it.

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