Scene from The Valley

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The peaks are vying for our eyes

playing mountain peek-a-boo,

on distant caps where fresh snow lies, 

to nearer,

where black earth pokes through.


This scene unfolds until the Kush

where seldom eyes do see,

though men have dreamed one final push

might set the Kingdom free.


Yet this land will not be captive

to the hands of greedy men,

for all that can be taken 

will be stolen with a pen.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 8th Jan 2019 10:31

I'm doing a bit of revisiting and revising of old scribbles.

This was penned three years ago on the Bagram Road between Kabul and Bagram.

I took the photograph from one of the sangars at the front of the compound, thought it somehow made a statement about western intentions toward that Kingdom.

In late July that same year the compound was destroyed by a massive truck bomb parked 30 meters from where I was sleeping at 0130hrs in the morning. Thankfully I had two hesco walls and some buildings between me and the blast, still had to dig myself out of the rubble with not one my bloody underpants lol, a truly calamatous yet hilarious event. And that was the end of that little episode.

I hadn't yet started doing audio at that time, I wonder if I should.


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