Things seen unravelled from the sense they make

                make non-sense of sense.

            Collected and reassembled

        they are merely the same thing repackaged,

    brand new shiny exciting

exotically uncharted.


though there is nothing new under the sun

        for she is ever static, yet falling

                it is the light she emits that alters the view

                        and how prepared you are to tilt


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 16th Jan 2016 04:58

Thanks Lea,

that is very satisfying to know.



Fri 15th Jan 2016 21:28

Sometimes I wish I could reply in a visual, rather than with words - picture this: me sitting, head tilted to the left, smiling, again feeling that lovely sense of connection when you've been pondering something and hop on here to find someone has expressed it just so :)

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 14th Jan 2016 05:48

Yep, this I know. Thanks.


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Thu 14th Jan 2016 03:27

Unfortunately metaphorical tilting requires that people think, you'll be lucky.

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