Black lung

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Nostalgic remembrance, 

cobblestoned thoughts

sparking memories and nudging senses,

of wide eyed fathers descending clean.

The yellow helmet resurrected ascending home

Black as the cavernous eternity that disgorged them.


These happy few assaulting the faceless face,

brothers in arms picking a seamless seam.

A glory in labour and grime,

hardship rewarded by fellowships respect.


Sinewed muscled bodies, 

labyrinthine with tissue and tunnelling vein.

Spit and blood 

as they dug and dug,

black dust mined their souls

Its vengeance silent 

A dormant insurgent. 


And then to the death,

Of gasping, frothing and wheezing.

Armchair’s torn and ripped, clawed by white knuckled hands.

Clinging to life and breath

cursing the owners who shoved them down,

tear stained rage.

Released back to the black cavern,

back down, and down beyond the dust

to cleansing fire and deliverance.


Cap those pit heads,

blow the shafts

tear apart communities that canonised dead men digging.

Bring on the shopping malls,

the wind farms the nukes.


Let the earth cough up its dead.


To scream never again,

scream never again. 




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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 13th Jan 2016 05:05

Well, that's very kind. Thanks Ray.

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Tue 12th Jan 2016 21:39

unmistakeably wonderful

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